CTT Handbook

Some 10 years ago I had a battle with the other members of the London South District Committee to get them to allow me to set up a website for the District, one that was inspired by South DC's site. Virtually no one on the committee could see the point of such a thing, and had little to no interest in the history of the District.

Since then I have spent countless hours researching and posting information and, with the exception of Mike Hayler, Tony Alston and Chris Watts whom I am indebted to for their help, no one has made any effort to support this site.

I set up the blog and offered all members of the committee the opportunity to post information directly, but no one was interested - they just yelled at me for "getting it wrong" when I posted anything. So, Good Luck to the new man who has done exactly what I did but with a slightly different format blog.

This site remains as an archive for the District and I will continue to populate with as many results as I can get hold of - not that anyone seems to be interested in it.


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